The rules and conditions for inclusion in our anthology “An Open And Shut Case”: 1. There is no entry fee, nor will there be any remuneration for any entry. 2. ALL profits from this project (and this means – in the case of the first, digital edition – ALL sales) will be donated to Save… Continue reading openings


PLEASE read the coloured blocks before replying! once you’ve read them, you don’t need to read them again (unless you’re forgetful). This blog was set up to allow people without a Twitter account to submit 20-word wonders to the Twitter game, “Wanna Score?”, which runs from Monday morning (continental European time) to midnight Friday, every… Continue reading Score


Here is a small glimpse of the fascinating adventure story, “draGons!”, by Wilhelmina Lyre and Georgia Lythgoe. It was first published 3 years ago (2018) in a printed, quadrilingual edition (English, Catalan, Spanish, and drAgon), although the story (in English and drAgon) and illustrations had been finished 2 years previously. Ms. Lyre and Ms. Lythgoe… Continue reading draGons


Schoolchildren: do you KNOW that all of the teachers at your school are weirdos – ranging from the merely peculiar to the downright creepy/sinister – but when you try to tell this to your parents, they don’t believe you? Grown-ups: do you remember feeling like this when you were at school? Then have we got… Continue reading Ghastly

Huggy Bug

Here is a sneak preview of one of the books which we hope will be ready for our relaunch as a publisher of digital books. This one is by Mark Thorne with illustrations by Sarah Campbell, and is a gentle warning for younger children about potential child abusers. It will be a printable at home,… Continue reading Huggy Bug


This is a sneak preview (a preview for sneaks) of the beginning of THE saga, which is awaiting publication as part of La Gr@not@’s relaunch (sometime early this year, 2022!) It’s a collaborative-writing novella, which was slapped together on a social media site for writers. A prequel – The Habit – is being written NOW… Continue reading saga


The following poem and story are two of the contributions to “Stranger(s) In A Strange Land”, an anthology of flash fiction, poetry, and graphic art which will be published in digital format when La Gr@not@ is relaunched. ALL sales of the anthology will go to 3 projects which work with refugees. If you would like… Continue reading siasl


This is the first chapter in Jimmy Hollis i Dickson’s work in progress about a 10-year-old non-binary, Charlie, and their friend, Alex (the narrator). Feedback would be appreciated, especially from (but not limited to) readers of that age (more or less), non-binary readers of any age, and writers. Jimmy can be followed on Twitter: @JimmyHiD1… Continue reading charlie

The Habit

Explanation: This is a collaborative-writing project, to which YOU, Dear Reader, are invited to contribute! Yes: join our wacky team of living and undead authors in creating a novel with more twists than a waist-length braid. Whether you define yourself as a writer (or illustrator) and are suffering from writer’s/illustrator’s block, or want to relax… Continue reading The Habit

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