La Gr@not@ is calling for contributions for a new anthology. Several participants had a great deal of fun with the week on Wanna Score? dedicated to the dragon invasion of famous works of literature: https://twitter.com/granota_hut/status/1581917287484821504, and a few have asked for the theme to be continued. So here it is. The rules are a little… Continue reading DragonLitInvasion


The rules and conditions for inclusion in our anthology “An Open And Shut Case”: 1. There is no entry fee, nor will there be any remuneration for any entry. 2. ALL profits from this project (and this means – in the case of the first, digital edition – ALL sales) will be donated to Save… Continue reading openings


STOP PRESS! “Wanna Score?” has now been published! It can be ordered at https://la-granota.com/list.htm for 2€60 (60¢ per copy going to PayPal and E-Junkie for “handling fees”, 2€ going to Amnesty International). If you’re interested in contributing to another anthology to benefit ai, we’re now running this one (without a word limit): https://la-granota.com/blogs/index.php/2023/03/11/dragonlitinvasion This blog… Continue reading Score


Here is a small glimpse of the fascinating adventure story, “draGons!”, by Wilhelmina Lyre and Georgia Lythgoe. It was first published 3 years ago (2018) in a printed, quadrilingual edition (English, Catalan, Spanish, and drAgon), although the story (in English and drAgon) and illustrations had been finished 2 years previously. Ms. Lyre and Ms. Lythgoe… Continue reading draGons


Schoolchildren: do you KNOW that all of the teachers at your school are weirdos – ranging from the merely peculiar to the downright creepy/sinister – but when you try to tell this to your parents, they don’t believe you? Grown-ups: do you remember feeling like this when you were at school? Then have we got… Continue reading Ghastly

Huggy Bug

Here is a sneak preview of one of the books which we hope will be ready for our relaunch as a publisher of digital books. This one is by Mark Thorne with illustrations by Sarah Campbell, and is a gentle warning for younger children about potential child abusers. It will be a printable at home,… Continue reading Huggy Bug


This is a sneak preview (a preview for sneaks) of the beginning of THE saga, which is awaiting publication as part of La Gr@not@’s relaunch (sometime early this year, 2022!) It’s a collaborative-writing novella, which was slapped together on a social media site for writers. A prequel – The Habit – is being written NOW… Continue reading saga


The following poem and story are two of the contributions to “Stranger(s) In A Strange Land”, an anthology of flash fiction, poetry, and graphic art which will be published in digital format when La Gr@not@ is relaunched. ALL sales of the anthology will go to 3 projects which work with refugees. If you would like… Continue reading siasl


This is the first chapter in Jimmy Hollis i Dickson’s work in progress about a 10-year-old non-binary, Charlie, and their friend, Alex (the narrator). Feedback would be appreciated, especially from (but not limited to) readers of that age (more or less), non-binary readers of any age, and writers. Jimmy can be followed on Twitter: @JimmyHiD1… Continue reading charlie

The Habit

Explanation: This is a collaborative-writing project, to which YOU, Dear Reader, are invited to contribute! Yes: join our wacky team of living and undead authors in creating a novel with more twists than a waist-length braid. Whether you define yourself as a writer (or illustrator) and are suffering from writer’s/illustrator’s block, or want to relax… Continue reading The Habit