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(writing/illustrating stories for children in tandem)


The next collaborative project planned by La Gr@not@ will be a book of illustrated stories for children. Each story will be created by a tandem of adult-child. It may be that the adult writes the story and the child illustrates it OR that the child writes the story and the adult illustrates it. The order of procedure (“which came first: the chicken or the egg?”) is left up to you. For example, a child's drawing might inspire an adult to write a story, a child's imaginative story might send the adult racing for paints and brushes, or an adult might tell a story and the child illustrate it.


There is no limit to age and the child does not have to be “an infant prodigy” for your contribution to be considered. We are looking forward to 2-year-olds' fingerpaintings, collages by 12-year-olds, b/w and coloured drawings, photos, ANY kind of original work.




The stories should be original. We don't want children illustrating Cinderella or Frozen.


You should give the age of the child (and the age of the adult if you wish) and please state the relationship between the two of you (father-daughter, grandmother-grandson, aunt-niece, babysitter-babysittee, godmother-goddaughter, whatever). Also – to save us from wondering – let us know who did what.


We plan the book to have A5 pages, BUT LAID HORIZONTALLY. So please make sure that the illustrations conform to this. The text can be sent any however (.doc or .odt preferable to .docx), but the ilolustrations must be horizontal. They can be any size, later scaled to A5 (14·85cm high, 21cm wide). If you send them this size, that would save us the trouble, but we could rescale for you if necessary. The images should be in .jpg (alias .jpeg) format.


There should be one illustration for every (A5) page of text. Remember that margining means that an A5 page holds a bit less than half of an A4. Font size can be adjusted to suit, but we don't want the words so tiny that nobody can read them...


Comics are allowed, as long as they are fruit of an adult-child collaboration. Please make sure that they're presented horizontally.


The same tandem may contribute more than one story (especially interesting would be if you switch writing/illustrating roles). The same person may take part in several tandems.


All submissions should be sent as .doc + .jpg attachments (with, additionally, the text repeated in the body of the e-mail) to the address composed of the word at the head of this page, followed by @la-granota.com




Our side of the project



Most people to whom we've spoken find this an exciting idea, so it might run into a series of books. 100% of the profits from all of these books will go to worthy causes. The profits from AT LEAST the first book will be shared between Pallassos Sense Fronteres (PsF) [Clowns Without Borders], http://www.clowns.org/ and the UNICEF program to train midwives, https://www.unicef.org/search/search.php?q=midwives


So far, we haven't set a deadline. In fact, we might never set one. If we get enough response, we'll publish a book as soon as we have enough material, and see how it goes from there. We will keep you informed (on this page) if we decide to change the recipient(s) of the profits.





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