Books currently on offer can be found at


In order to send you a digital book, we'll need your e-mail address. So - after considering all the possibilities - we've decided that the best option would be for you to send a simple e-mail, letting us now how many copies of each book you'd like. We will then let you know how to transfer the money.


Please let us know whether you have a PayPal account. This would be the quickest way for you to receive the book(s) ordered, as we get automatically informed when an order has been placed.


You should send the e-mail to:


(That's o r d e r @ l a-g r a n o t a . c o m, but removing all the blank spaces. Do NOT remove the hyphen [in a-g]!)


Do NOT send the money to that address! It doesn't have a PayPal account.


Sorry about that, but if we posted the address all joined together we'd be flooded with spam. I speak from experience.