Calling all unpublished writers and illustrators!

(also those who are relatively unknown)

It’s one of the main aims of La Gr@not@ to facilitate the publishing of books by unknown writers/illustrators. Especially writers of flash fiction (for readers of any age), and writers/illustrators of books for children.

Many of these are rejected by literary agents or publishers because their mss aren’t good enough. Many MORE are completely ignored – simply because they’re not already well-known. This is a “Catch-22” situation: you can’t get published until you’re famous and you can’t become famous until you’re published!

Something many writers find helpful is belonging to a writers’ group, in which they can read aloud the latest chapter of their novel to a group of fellow writers and so get immediate feedback, including helpful suggestions.

But not every writer lives close to other writers; some can’t find a group of writers of their particular genre; some have scheduling difficulties; and now – due to Covid-19 – some are wary of being in an enclosed space with other people.

There are also writers who already belong to a writers’ group, but would welcome the opportunity to belong to another.

And WHERE are the groups for aspiring illustrators?! Some of you want feedback from more than just friends and family… as well as the opportunity to connect with suitable writers for your work.

La Gr@not@ therefore proposes acting as a “central switchboard” for these writers and illustrators.

You will have the chance to connect with beta readers… and beta viewers of illustrations.

We’ll start with one group, with each member having the potential to reduce the number of contacts, so that your e-mail account isn’t swamped with mss from people who don’t interest you. (If you’re only interested in short humorous fiction, why be swamped with mss of horror novels? If you want feedback on your illustrations only from writers of stories for children, you could reduce your circle to that.)

Taking part in these groups puts you under NO obligation to submit your project to La Gr@not@ for publication… but if we see anything which excites us, we may approach you to ask whether you’re interested.

Some of the staff at Lla Gr@not@ may decide to join in, but moderation will largely be left to the membership. Joining the group should be with that understanding. Let’s be reasonable people here.

Beginning writers need to develop a thick skin. You’re allowed to tell a fellow writer that you found their plot unintelligible, or that the dialogue “sounds” wrong, etc. But anyone who indulges in personal abuse (e.g. “You have absolutely no talent! FORGET being a writer!”) should be reported to the “central switchboard” and we’ll warn other writers to block the insulting boor. The same goes for harassment: sexual or any other kind.

You’ll be able to reveal your Twitter identity or presence on any other social media, inviting others to follow you. A bit of mutual support could raise your profile. (La Gr@not@’s is @granota_hut)

Anyone interested in taking part should send an introductory e-mail (nothing long-winded please!) to groupATla-granotaDOTcom (just replace the AT with @ and the DOT with .)

It’s a strict policy policy of La gr@not@ not to pass the e-mail address of anyone to anyone else without that first “anyone”’s permission!

By sending an e-mail to the above address, however, we will understand that you are giving us that permission… UNLESS you type “Only asking” into the subject line of your e-mail.

On a slightly different topic: La Gr@not@ is currently looking for collaborators of SHORT pieces of writing and graphic art (several pieces encouraged for each project) for 2 projects (both of which are “100% of profits to worthy causes”, so no remuneration for you – or for us! but a possible “fast-track” to get yourself into “print”*.

Further information on these can be found at: – This project will be expanded and relaunched in digital editions: English, Catalan, Castellano, and Trilingual. Flash fiction about refugees with all proceeds going to volunteers who work with refugees. If enough submissions are received, there may be further volumes. Submissions to be sent to strangers @ you know where. [The spacing on this web-page is terrible, and today we aren’t being allowed to improve it! Maybe soon...]

THE saga is ready for publication (though future editions might include illustrations). However, a sequel AND a prequel are in the pipeline. This is a really fun project of collaborative writing!

Final [long] word:

In case you came here without passing through our homepage, we repeat… La Gr@not@ is presently undergoing a transformation (as all tadpoles do: some become frogs, some become toads – we’re hoping to become a frog). For the foreseeable future, we won’t be publishing books printed on paper. And it’s no good ordering any, because we’re out if stock. But we hope to soon relaunch as a publisher of digital books. Past editions will be converted, and new titles added. The relaunch will happen when we have enough to offer.

We’re still accepting unsolicited mss at sub@ you know where.